Erin Finney Glass Designs is a unique line of kiln fired glass jewelry and mosaics designed by Erin Finney of Jackson, NH. 




Erin creates her work in her mountaintop studio that she and her husband built. Evolving from large copper foiled pieces, her focus shifted to jewelry design and refining her glass techniques to create her first line of stained glass jewelry. 

Recently Erin has been creating glass mosaics.  Erin has glass mosaics for sale or will develop custom mosaics per your request.

Each piece Erin creates is kiln fired, using dichroic and iridized glass, combined with glass beads and sterling silver.

From the inception of Ellis River Designs in 1990, Erin's designs have evolved both in technique and theme. Her designs are a maximum infusion of light and color, accentuated by movement.